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Japanese short stories

Please note that this book is out of print, pending a new edition.

Kindle / CreateSpace, 130 pages, 2014

Translated from French by Lisa Hannaford-Wong

Originally published by éditions du Septentrion

ISBN : 978-1494739140   ASIN : B00HENUNSK


"In all of his sixty-six years, Ajima sensei had never experienced such weather in Kyushu. Residents of the Kagoshima prefecture had been caught unaware, much like a tea master who, when startled, drops his favourite cup. Just as classes were letting out, a menacing wind had begun to gust, tearing open the dark skies and pelting the school children’s faces with rain as they fled home. Some had taken shelter at the homes of friends, many others, among strangers."


An old gentleman finds love in a shop window. A shark’s tooth rekindles a childhood memory. A man is driven to the point of obsession by a mysterious black seed... The ten stories inside Purity spring from a poetry of the everyday, of strangeness, transparency and sudden epiphanies. From the unsaid there comes a strength, a serene confidence.


"[...] it's difficult not to think of Haruki Murakami [...] perfect mastery of form, stories that brim with compassion and empathy."

— Christian Desmeules, Le Devoir


"[...] Thibault's style is unique in the Quebec literary scene. Worth discovering. ****"

— Eric Paquin, Le Voir


"[...] Vincent Thibault has a talent for throwing the reader off course and surprising us with each one of his publications [...] a writing career that strays from the beaten path [...] His writing shows a great deal of skill. [...] An original writer who is always looking for different ways to show us the meaning of life. Writing is also able to serve this purpose."

— Yvon Paré, writer and critic, Progrès-Dimanche


"Absolutely charming. Wonderfully written."

— Paul Ouellet, Première heure (SRC)


"[...] a pen that continues to grow in power and finesse. [...]"

— Editor's picks, Le Libraire


"The kind of book we devour in a few hours, and that reminds us how pleasant and profitable reading can be!"

— Christian Boisvert, Culturellement vôtre


"This book of short stories may be small in size but it is big in stature. Each story is thoughtfully and carefully written, with great attention to detail. It is the type of book that can be re read and enjoyed again and again as I think there is enough depth to give us different viewpoints with each reading. I was fortunate enough to receive this book as a Goodreads Giveaway but that has no bearing on my review. Five stars."

— Patricia, reader review on Goodreads

Please note that this book is currently out of print. One of the stories featured in this collection, The Walker, is still available as a short ebook on Amazon.

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